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The mission of the ESAIC Trainees Committee (ESAICTC) is to establish a network between the approximately 22.000 European Anaesthesiology Trainees (EAT) (the ESAIC Trainee Network (ESAICTN)), from the countries represented in the ESAIC Council and National Anaesthesiologists Societies Committee (NASC) and to strengthen their visibility within the Society.

The aims of the ESAICTC overlap with the aims of the ESAIC and it coordinates and conducts the ESAICTN activities and projects. The ESAICTN includes 3 levels of communication:

1) Between all the European trainees and the ESAICTC through social networks, regardless of the ESAIC membership status. The goal is to connect an estimated number of 22.000 European trainees;

2) Between all European trainees committees or sections and the ESAICTC through the National Trainee Representatives. The goal is to enable a representative flow of information from the trainees from each European country and the ESAICTC;

3) The ESAICTC and the ESAIC Leadership. The ESAICTC is the interface between the data collected from the ESAICTN and the ESAIC Leadership.

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Via the website and social media, all activities directed to trainees promoted by the ESAIC will be announced and all European Anaesthesiology Trainees, regardless their ESAIC membership status, are invited to give their opinion and suggest ideas to improve these initiatives. Information about each country Trainee Section will also be provided.

The success of the ESAIC TN depends on every each of us. The difference can only be made if we stay connected and dynamic.

ESAIC Trainees Committee and the ESAIC Trainee Network: Update 11

Euroanaesthesia 2019 - ESA Trainee Network booth session

Euroanaesthesia 2019 - ESAIC Trainee Network booth session

Euroanaesthesia 2019 - Meeting between ESATC and National Trainee Representatives

Euroanaesthesia 2019 - Meeting between ESAICTC and National Trainee Representatives

Euroanaesthesia 2019 - ESA Trainee Network dinner

Euroanaesthesia 2019 - ESAIC Trainee Network dinner

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