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Promotion Letter, 2nd World Sepsis Congress

A Free Online Congress by the Global Sepsis Alliance

September 5th and 6th, 2018


Dear Collegues,

the Austrian Society of Anesthesiology, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Intensive Care Medicine (ÖGARI) wants to inform you that on September 5th and 6th, 2018, the Global Sepsis Alliance will host the 2nd World Sepsis Congress – which is a great opportunity for you to connect and learn with leading sepsis experts from around the globe – right from your home or office.

We are endorsing this innovative online-only congress and hereby encourage you to participate, which is completely free of charge and can be done from wherever you have an internet connection.

To register now or to find out more on program, speakers, time zones, and much more please go to

In 17 distinctive sessions, over 100 speakers from 30 countries will give 10-minute keynotes and presentations on the number one preventable cause of death worldwide: sepsis. From prevention to acute management, long-term sequela, and epidemiology of sepsis, all topics regarding sepsis will be covered. There will also be a panel discussion with sepsis survivors and their families. After each talk, the speakers will answer live questions from the audience.

After the congress, all presentations will be made available to view on demand on the World Sepsis Congress YouTube Channel and as a Podcast on Apple Podcasts.


Die Erkrankungssyndrom „Sepsis“ wurde von der WHO kürzlich als eine der wichtigsten gesundheitsbedrohenden Erkrankungen der Weltbevölkerung anerkannt.


Dies geschah zuletzt auch durch die Hilfe und Unterstützung unserer Gesellschaft und der FASIM im Rahmen der Mitgliedschaft bei der Global Sepsis Alliance.

Die ÖGARI und FASIM haben im Rahmen des Weltsepsistages auch wiederholt durch Öffentlichkeitsarbeit auf das Problem der Sepsis aufmerksam gemacht.

Hier finden Sie den Beitrag "Recognizing Sepsis as a Global Health Priority —  A WHO Resolution"

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